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Fall 2014

Dental Appliances
Which one is right for you:


Nightguards are used to protect the teeth at night from clenching and grinding them together. Side effects of clenching and grinding your teeth at night can be any of the following:

  • Front teeth worn down so they are flat and even in length and micro-cracks or broken fillings in back teeth.
  • Teeth ground down to the dentin causing increased sensitivity.
  • Gum recession and grooves in the teeth at the gumline.
  • Loose teeth and increase in gum pockets.
  • Headache and jaw pain due to overuse of muscles.

Clear Aligner’s

A clear aligner is a thin plastic tray that is a substitute for braces. We commonly use these trays as an inexpensive way to make minor front tooth movements. So if your front teeth are misaligned and you’d like to straighten them up this may be the appliance for you. These aligners are also used as retainers to keep teeth from moving out of alignment.

Snore appliance

Dental snore appliances are becoming a popular option to help patients snore less. It is a more conservative treatment than surgery and in some cases better than the CPAP machines. Their primary goal is to bring the lower jaw forward so that the airway is opened up. This in turn can reduce the noise of snoring and provide a better nights sleep.