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Spring 2016

Beware of “Sugarless” Cough Drops:

As cold and flu season continues I thought it worth noting that over the years I’ve observed many patients wreak havoc on their teeth using “sugarless” cough drops improperly. Particularly when the cough drops are placed in the side of the cheek while sleeping because of a chronic sore or dry throat.

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Summer 2015

Dr. Riegel Receives Award 6 Years In A Row:

Once again Dr. Riegel has received the Delta Dental Achieve Network award that only one in four dentists in Colorado qualify for.

The award is given for the provision of preventative care, a high patient retention rate for preventative care that is indicative of a caring practice pattern, and cost effective practice pattern that is indicative of appropriate and affordable care.

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Fall 2014

Dental Appliances
Which one is right for you:


Nightguards are used to protect the teeth at night from clenching and grinding them together. Side effects of clenching and grinding your teeth at night can be any of the following:

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Summer 2014

New Whitening System:

Available now at Mark Riegel DMD Family Dentistry is an entirely new teeth whitening system, unlike any other. The KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System is truly an innovation in teeth whitening procedures. It’s a blend of a new philosophy, technique, and material all combined to give “Wow” results for almost all patients and with little to no sensitivity.

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Spring 2013

Jaw Pain and TMD:

The majority of people will experience some sort of jaw pain or TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction) in their lifetime. We commonly have patients come into the office reporting pain in either their jaw muscles or jaw joint, known as the TMJ, right in front of the ear.

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Fall 2012

Infection Control in Dental Practices:

In July of 2012, an oral surgeon in Denver was found to be reusing IV needles in his practice. As a result, three former patients have tested positive for an infectious disease, potentially from his office.

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