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Spring 2016

Beware of “Sugarless” Cough Drops:

As cold and flu season continues I thought it worth noting that over the years I’ve observed many patients wreak havoc on their teeth using “sugarless” cough drops improperly. Particularly when the cough drops are placed in the side of the cheek while sleeping because of a chronic sore or dry throat.

The fact here is that just because a product is termed “‘sugarless,” doesn’t mean that other ingredients, like citric acid, in the product won’t cause cavities. My recommendation is to use your preferred cough drops while you are awake so that you are able to rinse your mouth out after use. You can rinse your mouth out with mouth rinse, water, or even chew sugarless gum to remove any residue from the cough drops and to restore the pH balance of your mouth to normal.

Speaking of sugarless, Epic Dental Xylitol mints are some new mints that we are now handing out at our checkout desk. Many sugar substitutes are better than sugar for your teeth because they don’t feed the bacteria on your teeth, which cause cavities. But, Xylitol is a sugar substitute that actually helps to reduce the number of cavity producing bacteria.

Next time you are in our office be sure to sample some xylitol mints from Epic Dental while you are checking out.