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Summer 2014

New Whitening System:

Available now at Mark Riegel DMD Family Dentistry is an entirely new teeth whitening system, unlike any other. The KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System is truly an innovation in teeth whitening procedures. It’s a blend of a new philosophy, technique, and material all combined to give “Wow” results for almost all patients and with little to no sensitivity.

Dr. Riegel aspires to have the most modern techniques and top quality products needed to help you achieve your dental goals. With old whitening techniques, Dr. Riegel has not recommended teeth whitening to many of his patients with moderate to heavy staining or sensitive teeth. But now most patients between 14 and 90 can get excellent results whitening their teeth. How does it work? When you come in, we will make precise impressions of your teeth then create custom ultrathin whitening trays. Once these trays are prepared, he will show you how to use them and the KöR Whitening solution. For the next two weeks, you wear your whitening trays each night while you sleep, then come in for your final visit. It’s that easy.

Any patients wanting to try this new system will need to start from scratch to take advantage of KöR’s superior results. Call us and ask about KöR Whitening. Then come into our office and get the dazzling smile you’ve always wanted!