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Summer 2016

Mark Riegel DMD Family Dentistry 10 years of Personal, Conservative Dentistry:

It was July of 2006 when Dr. Mark Riegel began his dental career in our quaint office in Arvada Colorado. Now 10 years later Mark Riegel DMD Family Dentistry continues to strive for the same goals of offering Personal, Conservative Dentistry to each of our patients.

In the context of a dental office, Personal means that we strive to be a place that you can trust. An office where you feel personally cared for, not a customer to sell a product to. We strive to give each patient the experience we would want for ourselves at a dental office.

The Conservative Dentistry concept is that most patients are best served by a personally tailored treatment approach, not a one size fits all. At Mark Riegel DMD Family Dentistry, we work to restore health and function in an aesthetic way. But we only do the work that is necessary to help each patient reach their own dental goals in the appropriate time frame.

We hope that this description fits your experience at our office. And we hope you will continue to share that experience with your friends and family, as so many of you have over the last 10 years.

Full Zirconia Crowns

Patients frequently ask what some of the best new advances in dentistry are. In my practice the widely used new crown called Full Contour Zirconia is just that. This crown rivals the esthetics of traditional porcelain crowns, but without the need to remove as much tooth structure. Removing less tooth structure keeps the tooth stronger and healthier in the long run. This material is more similar in strength to the old full gold crowns. But unlike the gold crowns, full contour zirconia crowns won’t wear holes on the tops of the crowns because it is a harder material than gold.

Furthermore, these crowns are made with Cad/Cam technology. Meaning the stone models of the teeth are scanned into a computer and then a crown is designed using computer software. Then the computer mills the crown from a block of material, and the resulting crown is then fired in a kiln for 8 hours to finish the hardening.

This new type of crown is a wonderful new advancement in dentistry and is helping us provide great results using modern materials and technology.