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We pride ourselves in providing good quality care to our clients, but don’t take our word for it! Hear what our clients have to say below.

I have had a lot of dental work. As a kid, back in the day, the dentist told me that I had “pits and grooves ” and that was the cause of numerous cavities. Over the years after some extractions, braces, fillings, Botox and a crown, little did I know that this was going to be a journey of maintenance. Dr. Riegel, Brianna, Jamie, Barb and Lynette have made this process a breeze. I used to get freaked out at the thought of going to the dentist. On the other hand nothing feels better than a super clean, healthy mouth! Dr. Riegel and his staff get me through the process anxiety free. My teeth look and feel better than they have in years. It’s amazing to me to look at my new pearly white fillings that feel wonderful. Now I can’t wait to go back in a couple of months and get them all cleaned and polished. It’s great. And I would recommend them to anyone!

Emilie L.

Dr. Riegel cannot come more highly recommended. If you do not have a dentist that you confidently trust to take the best care of you and your teeth than you should book an appointment to see Dr. Riegel immediately. Dr. Riegel and his staff highly value honesty and clear communication. I’ve been to dentists that have used scare tactics endorsing far more aggressive treatments than necessary. Dr. Riegel is always straightforward while suggesting the best and least invasive procedures to meet my dental needs. Dr. Riegel’s approachable, kind and honest manner makes me feel comfortable and keeps me coming back. On top of it all, the staff is friendly and thoughtful towards their customers. Personal touches like receiving a newsletter and gift cards for referring friends just add to a overall great experience.

Laura W.

Dr. Riegel has been our dentist for over 7 years. We are grateful for his high quality dental care and give him our strongest recommendation. Dr. Riegel’s staff is professional and courteous making our visits to the dentist a pleasant experience.

Sandy F.

I started going to Dr. Mark Riegel for my dental needs after a swath of bad experiences with other dentists. Specifically, these experiences related to my inability to fully trust that the dentist would first do a good job on my teeth, and second would be honest about what truly needed to be done on my teeth. That said, upon entering Dr. Mark Riegel’s office, I felt an ease and confidence in his ability to address both of these concerns. This trust I had in Mark and his staff truly made the otherwise uncomfortable experience of going to the dentist, an enjoyable one.

Jeff W.

Dr. Riegel has been providing my dental care for over five years. During that time I discovered that both his technical expertise and relaxed chair side manner were superior to that which I received from a former expensive “boutique” dental practice. His staff always provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Dr. Riegel is very conscientious about his treatment of patients, and continuously explains what he is doing to diminish fear and stress that so many of us have during dental procedures. There are certainly many dentists available within ten minutes of my home, but I choose to drive about 45 minutes because Dr. Riegel is worth the extra time.

Randy C.